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About Shay

Currently, I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband, Adam, and our rescued Chocolate Labrador, Rye.  I run my Public Relations & Marketing company, Merit Media, from the East Coast, but I have clients across the country, including ones in Jacksonville, Houston, San Diego and my home town of Dallas, Texas. We moved to Jax for Adam to pursue his Masters degree in the healthcare industry, and we ended up staying here after his graduation for our next season of life.  

I'm a Baylor University grad, a premature baby impacted by the work and later employed by the March of Dimes.  My childhood, college and first several years in the working world prepared me to launch my business to serve as a social media strategist, web & graphic designer and writer.  I love the flexibility self-employment allows, which gives me time to spend time with Adam and Rye and continue to grow roots in our town, serve at our church, travel to see friends and family, and help small businesses grow.

Have you ever taken the Strength's Finder Test?

I don't remember all of my original five strengths when I took the test before entering Baylor in the Fall of 2005, but I do recall one of my top strengths was "Belief."

This can be defined as "passionate, steadfast, know where they stand, altruistic, family-oriented, ethical, responsible."

That fits me to a T. Of course, every strength has its weakness, but I'll let you find those out from the source, here.

I love and long to be generous - with my time, talents and finances. 

And so, with those things in mind, I've begun this place to combine those efforts and share them here with you, in hopes that we might learn from one another.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact me here.


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