Feel Good Links for the Weekend | Volume 2

Double Parked.jpg

I enjoyed pulling the weekend links together last Friday so much, that I thought I'd do it again. If you're interested in receiving them in your inbox once a week, feel free to sign up here!

Image Credit: This abstract art painting by Bill Gerton called "Double Parked"  is one I can't stop thinking about.  Bill is one of my social media clients, and I love the colors and movement in this one. Check out his work on Instagram here.  And bonus points, they're made right in Frisco, Texas.  (You know I love me some Texas!)

Feel good stuff to make you smile and say wow

  • How and why this girl's able to wear her wedding dress all the time. (Love this!)
  • From A Cup of Jo: "Hygge (pronounced HOO-ga), the Danish philosophy that’s taking over the internet, is basically the idea of living your coziest, most cuddled-up-with-your-loved-ones-by-a-fire-drinking-hot-chocolate kind of life. The approach helps Danes get through long, dark winters."  Florida doesn't exactly have long, dark winters, but I've been reminded of the benefits of lighting candles and curling up with a good book under a blanket this week. Hoping to get more of that in this weekend.

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