Connecting People, Causes and Ideas

Shay Paulson

Hi there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I'm so glad you're here!

I began this site last year in honor of my 29th birthday, and I asked friends and family to donate to my friend "K" who had special needs that had never been addressed -- and she was 59.  They rallied and were so generous, and we raised $4,000 to pay for medical bills, car repairs and a winter wardrobe for her.

For a year now, I've sat on the idea of what to do for my 30th Birthday. I have been deeply inspired by The Birthday Project over the last several years, which has become a national movement to make birthday celebrations mean more than getting "stuff" and growing older.  I LOVE this!

Because of the way I'm wired, I absolutely love to connect people - whether it be in business via social media and websites, or through social settings, where I can help people get to know one another, it's a passion of mine.

I also love to share ideas - latest finds, tricks that have made my life a little easier or more fun.  I also love to write, and I miss the opportunity and the space to use that creative outlet.

And so, this site - my site - now has a purpose: To Connect People, Causes and Ideas. And I am so glad you're here to share in it.  I'd be honored if you shared, commented and participated in this community. To nominate a person that you'd like to see interviewed, or to share a cause or idea, please contact me here.