My 30th Birthday Month - Let's Give Back!

You all rallied together last year for my 29th birthday, and together we raised over $4,000 to help my friend "K" with medical bills, car repairs and new clothes & shoes.  

Humbling doesn't even cut it.

My friend "K" is settled & now I'm able to be more focused on my own company.

Now that she's settled and thriving with a life coach and great medical care, I'm able to focus more on my Marketing & Web Design company, Merit Media.  I love helping small businesses grow, and I've had the opportunity to work with so many great clients this year.

One New Client Really Caught My Eye

One of my new Dallas clients (now friend), Kris Habashy, came to me with a great idea in February. She grew up on an Arkansas farm & has been bringing Dallas friends to see it and learn more about the commercial farming industry for years.  Now, she and her family are working on sharing this amazing experience through their online platform - Connecting City to Farm - a website I was able to design from the ground up - logo, social media channels and all! 

From an Idea to a Non-profit

What began as a website & platform for awareness quickly grew to more than we'd imagined when we became aware of this startling fact:

50% of Dallas County children are obese

Much of it stems from lack of education about healthy eating habits and limited choices in the grocery stores.  

Connecting City to Farm has developed a plan to be a part of the solution for this problem, and I am so thrilled to serve on the Board of Directors.  CCTF has taken two groups to Farm Camp now, and we're working on the 2017 calendar as we speak.  

Connecting City to Farm's Purpose

We want to educate underserved kids in Dallas about making better food choices to combat obesity and other major health concerns. (Think apples instead of Oreos!)  Educating them at an early age means a higher likelihood that we can help them make long-lasting changes.


A really fun way to do that is through Farm Camp, where approximately 10 kids + sponsors drive up to Arkansas for three days of educational adventures that focuses on nourishing their bodies and their souls. 

We believe, and know from experience, that building relationships is a great way to share the love of Christ.  We're working with churches and organizations already established in the community to identify kids who would benefit most from the Farm Camp experience.  They bring their own sponsors and we run Farm Camp.  The sponsors are able to provide the long-term encouragement and relationships with these kids, and we are able to offer support and knowledge in how to make healthier food choices, and more importantly, why it matters.

Here's What I Love About Connecting City to Farm

  • It's all about relationships.  To know me is to know that I love connecting people.  We're working with South Dallas friends at Cornerstone Baptist Church (A long-time partner of my childhood church, VRBC) to identify some amazing kids to attend our first Farm Camp. I was high on life after our first meeting with them.  We're also partnering with Mercy Street, a group that serves West Dallas and a few other organizations as well.
  • We're working with resources already in place.  Dallas has some amazing churches & organizations that have programs already in place to help children and families. We're not recreating the wheel, but instead we're supplementing what's already started.
  • We're offering a solution to educate kids for long-term health benefits.  When my husband Adam worked for Dallas Fire Rescue, he would come home and tell me all kinds of things people called 911 for - a tooth ache, a belly ache, the flu.  There was a lack of education on when it's appropriate to call 911 (a true emergency) versus going to see a doctor.  For over six years now, I have dreamed of bridging this educational gap, but very unsure of how to do it. CCTF is helping to make that a reality.  It may be on a smaller scale right now, but it is a step in the right direction, and I am pumped.


Next Steps: Will you be a part of the conversation?

I'm asking friends to give $30 in honor of my 30th birthday.  It all adds up!

Be a part of my wish here: 

This month, I'll be sharing more from CCTF Founder Kris Habashy,  chat with a Farm Camper, and more!  Be sure and stay tuned.