Shop With a Cause! #ShaysGive30 Campaign

Wondering what the #ShaysGive30 Campaign is about?  I'm celebrating my 30th birthday by asking friends and family to support an incredible nonprofit organization called Connecting City to Farm.  

Learn more about why I love CCTF here.

Check out their website (that I designed!) here.

And if you want to shop on Amazon for some really cool products, you can do that below. They're Amazon affiliate links, and if anything is purchased through the links (even if you just use the link to navigate to Amazon and don't buy any of the following products), I will donate the proceeds made from those sales to Connecting City to Farm this month.

Here are items that caught my eye, and other products that I've deemed to be "Game Changers" for me this past year.

Great Gifts and Game Changers that I Love

Letter Boards are all the rage right now!  This 10x10 Letter board seems like a great size for a little quote or saying. 

Fotostrap gives 10% of their proceeds back to their nonprofit, and I really like this well-made brand.  You should check their camera straps out, as well as their new line of other genuine leather products.  The monogram option is always a great little add-on, too!

Ok, so putting snacks on a wish list may seem odd, but I have to tell you about the Subscribe & Save option available on Amazon.  

Without doing anything, I now receive 2 boxes of KIND bars mid-month, right to my door step.  

It's cheaper than buying them at the grocery store, and it's one less thing to add to my list.   Winning!

Voluspa Candles are delicious.  You my recognize them in Anthropologie, as they sell several different scents there.  

This makes a great housewarming, hostess or "just because" gift.

I've not tried this robot vacuum yet, but the reviews say that it works great, and it is a high priority on my list this year!

With our Chocolate lab shedding so much, we should vacuum every day. It looks more like every two days right now, and I'm always astounded by the fur.

We have friends with two Huskies who also have a robot vacuum, and they love it.  I'm watching this closely!

Do you ski?  We love to ski, and my ski jacket has been in use since 2000, I think.  It works fine - keeps me warm - but as you can imagine, it's 15 years old and looks dated.  I've been on the hunt for a new ski jacket, and Roxy has several different options, like this one on Amazon.

We don't have cable, but we get to watch all the shows we want.  How? We use the Amazon Fire Stick ($40).  With it, we can access our Netflix account, major TV stations and watch TV on demand (Hello, This is Us and Madam Secretary.)  

I also stream Spotify through it and SlingTV ($20/month), which means we can get HGTV and ESPN. Very important channels in our house!  

I love these shoes.  My husband enjoys hiking, and I've not ever had a pair of trail shoes until this past summer, and they were a game changer.

I just enjoyed having the extra "grippiness" of these shoes, plus the fact that they came up higher on my ankle helped make me feel more confident and sturdy.

As silly as it sounds, these shoes gave me a confidence boost to tackle some trails and really enjoy our vacation. Plus my husband enjoyed my willingness to try the trails too!

Seriously - this shampoo system was a game-changer for me.

I tried this very pack last December and immediately noticed a difference in my hair.  It was shiner, had more body and just looked so healthy.  I was getting compliments all the time!

Plus, I only had to wash my hair every three or four days, which was so different than the every-other-day regiment I've used my whole life.  Again - another game changer.